Hey, This is Harvi!

Hi, I am Harvi, a Women Entrepreneur Coach and founder of digital jewellery brand Bling Bag and Digital Divapreneur Mastery Hub. I am here to help Women turn their passion into an Digital Business  and live a more happy, fulfilling and a financially independent life. 

After spending 10 years in Corporate IT Consulting, I discovered my passion for Jewellery and decided to launch Bling Bag in the 8th month of my pregnancy. That is ONE BEST DECISION of my life. It helped me Work from Home with Flexible Work Schedules and remain Financially Independent. I live a more confident, fulfilling and a happy life balancing my time with family and growing my business ventures. 

Over my 6 years of being an Entrepreneur, I have faced challenges which are very specific to a Woman Entrepreneur and I have found my hard ways out to navigate through those and come out stronger! I decided to help fellow Women Entrepreneurs with exact frameworks, blueprints, strategies, mindset and habits I have learnt while organically taking Bling Bag to where it is today. With absolutely no knowledge on how start a business and no one to guide, I had my own Failures which I call as GOLDEN LEARNINGS. I am here to share all those learnings without holding anything back to help others fastrack their journey. 

My mission is to help Women unlock their Passion for a Product Category and convert it into a Profitable Digital Business which can help them achieve Financial Freedom and build their own Identity and become more Confident.

If you are looking at starting your own business, then join my FREE live masterclass and take the next step towards your life of financial freedom!

So if you are ready to handle all the tricks of this trade, then lets stay connected! I post a lot of value content on social media, so follow me on : Instagram and Facebook. Do not forget to follow my Youtube Channel for actionable steps to launch your business!

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