Only 1 out of 5 Businesses in India today are owned by Women! That’s about 20% of all the entrepreneurs in India in 2020 are Women, and 80% are Men! And back in 2010, India had 14% Women Entrepreneurs. Now, that looks like some progress – but wait – is it good progress? 6% growth over a decade? Thanks to the Government Schemes and Initiatives to encourage Women Entrepreneurs, but my question is – Is This Growth Enough? Sadly, India is one of the poorest country when it comes to fostering Women Entrepreneurship!

According to a recent study by Bain & Co. and Google, if more and more Women take up entrepreneurship and India makes more Women Entrepreneurs, then we can create 170 million jobs by the year 2030! Yes, imagine these many job, when there are so many jobs around lost by middle class people, due to this ongoing pandemic!

Image Source : Times Of India, 8th March, 2020

So, my question is – Why are the numbers so low when it comes to Women Entrepreneurs? When I ask this question to Women – the guess they make is – Women Fail In Business More and hence the numbers are low! Do you really think so? Research says that the success rate of Women Entrepreneurs is higher than Men Entrepreneurs. So, what’s the reason?

The unfortunate fact is that “Women Do Not Launch Their Business” and take up entrepreneurship as their career. The biggest reason is that their FEAR OF FAILURE! Now, you may argue that even an aspiring male entrepreneur has this fear that he might fail. Absolutely, the fear is common! However, this fear arises due to the specific thoughts and barriers one has which makes her take a back seat and not move forward.

Based on my experience and my conversation with over 500 Women who want to launch their business soon, I have realised that there are some common barriers which most Women have which makes their Fear of Failure strong! These barriers are very specific and unique to Women!

If Women identify their specific barriers and learns to overcome them, then there is no stopping as I always believe that “Every Woman Is A Born Entrepreneur”. All she needs is guidance and clarity and she can do wonders!

If you are an aspiring Woman Entrepreneur with a strong desire to launch a business, but stuck and not able to take action forward, then I invite you to my masterclass where I am going to break down 4 Most Common Barriers every Woman faces when she takes a step towards launching her business. Register here and I will see you live in the masterclass!

Remember, India needs more Women Entrepreneurs and it is our responsibility to stand for our potential and create a more Gender Equal World and create job opportunities in India!

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