How To Build “SELF CONFIDENCE” To Start A Business?

One of the Questions which has clearly stood out in all my “Convert Your Passion To A Profitable Digital Business” Masterclass is : “How Do I Get Confidence To Start A Business?”

This question is so so common among Women and I can clearly see from their conversations that they are just waiting for “Self-Confidence” to naturally come to them without doing anything. Deep down, they have hopes that one day – they will wake up with “Self Confidence”.

I agree that “Self Confidence” is a key ingredient in taking an action to achieve something. However, what I dont agree is that “Self Confidence” comes to you by itself! “Self Confidence needs to be BUILT”

In this blog, I am going to break down clearly how you can build your self confidence – not just to launch your dream business, but in absolutely anything in which you think you do not have Confidence!

Confidence is built using these 2 things:

  1. Self Confidence Needs CLARITY

Imagine, you start your car and you are ready to drive, but you do not know your where you want to go. There is no clarity on your destination! Will you be able to drive confidently? You will still drive, but slow, confused, not knowing which direction to go to as you dont know where to go. NO Clarity!

Now Imagine, you start your car and you are ready to drive, and you exactly know where you need to go. Complete Clarity! You drive smooth, you are guided. You are confident!

I love what my mentor Rajiv Talreja told me – “Clarity builds Conviction” and that changed the way I saw things! I believe you need to get clear on “Which Business Can You Start” – based on what you love doing, what you are good at, what motivates you! Once you have clarity on that – self confidence gets built.

2. Self Confidence Needs COMPETENCE

By this I mean that you need to have knowledge on “How To Do…” if you want to get confidence. Knowledge breeds Confidence and in our case, if you know how to start a business and successfully run it, you automatically get confidence. If you feel that you do not know how a business works, what to do to launch it, then dont shy away from learning it how to do it!

Imagine, you wanted to drive a car and you did not know how to drive it. You were low on confidence, you had fear you might meet with an accident. So what did you do? You went and learnt how to drive the car – Right? This is exactly the same – if you know how to start and run a business, that leads to higher “Self Confidence”

If you aspire to start your business, come out of the trap of “I dont have confidence”. Ask yourself some difficult questions :

  1. Do I clearly know Which business is good for me, which I can start?
  2. Do I know How to start and run a business in the right way so that I earn money?

You will be surprised to find that – The level of your “Self Confidence” will be directly proportional to the quality of the answers you have for yourself of these questions.

I help Women gain Clarity and Competence to start their business and conduct a FREE Masterclass! Join in if you want to take a step forward in building your “Self Confidence” through Clarity and Competence!

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