How To Build “SELF CONFIDENCE” To Start A Business?

One of the Questions which has clearly stood out in all my “Convert Your Passion To A Profitable Digital Business” Masterclass is : “How Do I Get Confidence To Start A Business?” This question is so so common among Women and I can clearly see from their conversations that they are just waiting for “Self-Confidence”Continue reading “How To Build “SELF CONFIDENCE” To Start A Business?”

Hey, This is Harvi!

Hi, I am Harvi, a Women Entrepreneur Coach and founder of digital jewellery brand Bling Bag and Digital Divapreneur Mastery Hub. I am here to help Women turn their passion into an Digital Business  and live a more happy, fulfilling and a financially independent life.  After spending 10 years in Corporate IT Consulting, I discovered my passion for Jewellery and decided to launchContinue reading “Hey, This is Harvi!”

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