How To Build “SELF CONFIDENCE” To Start A Business?

One of the Questions which has clearly stood out in all my “Convert Your Passion To A Profitable Digital Business” Masterclass is : “How Do I Get Confidence To Start A Business?”

This question is so so common among Women and I can clearly see from their conversations that they are just waiting for “Self-Confidence” to naturally come to them without doing anything. Deep down, they have hopes that one day – they will wake up with “Self Confidence”.

I agree that “Self Confidence” is a key ingredient in taking an action to achieve something. However, what I dont agree is that “Self Confidence” comes to you by itself! “Self Confidence needs to be BUILT”

In this blog, I am going to break down clearly how you can build your self confidence – not just to launch your dream business, but in absolutely anything in which you think you do not have Confidence!

Confidence is built using these 2 things:

  1. Self Confidence Needs CLARITY

Imagine, you start your car and you are ready to drive, but you do not know your where you want to go. There is no clarity on your destination! Will you be able to drive confidently? You will still drive, but slow, confused, not knowing which direction to go to as you dont know where to go. NO Clarity!

Now Imagine, you start your car and you are ready to drive, and you exactly know where you need to go. Complete Clarity! You drive smooth, you are guided. You are confident!

I love what my mentor Rajiv Talreja told me – “Clarity builds Conviction” and that changed the way I saw things! I believe you need to get clear on “Which Business Can You Start” – based on what you love doing, what you are good at, what motivates you! Once you have clarity on that – self confidence gets built.

2. Self Confidence Needs COMPETENCE

By this I mean that you need to have knowledge on “How To Do…” if you want to get confidence. Knowledge breeds Confidence and in our case, if you know how to start a business and successfully run it, you automatically get confidence. If you feel that you do not know how a business works, what to do to launch it, then dont shy away from learning it how to do it!

Imagine, you wanted to drive a car and you did not know how to drive it. You were low on confidence, you had fear you might meet with an accident. So what did you do? You went and learnt how to drive the car – Right? This is exactly the same – if you know how to start and run a business, that leads to higher “Self Confidence”

If you aspire to start your business, come out of the trap of “I dont have confidence”. Ask yourself some difficult questions :

  1. Do I clearly know Which business is good for me, which I can start?
  2. Do I know How to start and run a business in the right way so that I earn money?

You will be surprised to find that – The level of your “Self Confidence” will be directly proportional to the quality of the answers you have for yourself of these questions.

I help Women gain Clarity and Competence to start their business and conduct a FREE Masterclass! Join in if you want to take a step forward in building your “Self Confidence” through Clarity and Competence!

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How To Find A Business Idea : The 4 Pillar Key

If you have landed on this blog, my guess is that you are an aspiring entrepreneur ( and if Woman, great because this blog is going to talk something very specific for Women ūüôā ) and you are struggling to find a good business idea! And, if you want to watch a video on this blog – here it is ūüôā

As a Woman Entrepreneur Coach, I interact with many aspiring women entrepreneurs, who have so high potential and are so damn skilled, and have the strongest desire to star their own business, but they are all stuck at this one point “How To Find A Business Idea!”

Yes, I can totally relate to this struggle, when I was starting off back in the year 2015 and it such a mysterious question!

Over years, from my own experiences and interactions with many many fellow entrepreneurs, I have found a Golden Key for Women to find their million dollar Business Idea!

The Golden Key I call it as – 4 PILLAR KEY.

I believe that for a Woman, a good business idea should have a strong foundation built on 4 pillars and in this blog post, I am going to share exactly that :


I a strong believer and promoter of the fact that : A Woman should start a business which she is really Passionate about. ‘Passion’ is a natural fuel to keep us motivated to do something we love doing. When a Woman does business, her business is over and above the zillion activities she does in the day – right from taking care of the house, kids, family members and to some extent herself! In all these responsibilities, it is only natural for her to get dragged in her daily routine and not come back to her business. However, if she starts a business around the are she loves, she is ought to get back to it because she loves doing that!

Just like a car needs petrol to run, Woman needs Passion to run her business and if she chooses something she really enjoys doing and loves spending time on, she is going to definitely succeed!

For instance, I was working for an IT MNC company as a hard core Business Consultant creating digital transformation solutions for Banks. However, my area of Passion was Fashion accessories and that is how I started 2015, with absolutely no background or experience in the area of my passion!


A lot of Women I see make a mistake of starting a business inline to their education or in line to their current work experience. While that is good as a starting point to analyze which business to start, I strongly encourage every Woman to tap into her own strengths and figure out which are the key skills that they she leverage in her business. Understanding what is she an expert at and using that expertise into a business can make her super successful for sure!

Most women do no do their S-W-O-T analysis to understand and play on their strengths and that is one of the reasons they struggle to find a good business idea.

For instance, my strength was that I curated amazing fashion jewellery for myself and my friends and family, and they always complimented me for that choice. Bingo! That is what I figured out and converted my strength of curating fashion jewellery to profits!


Once you are clear about what you love doing and what you are good at, the next pillar is to analyze what do people Need. What in your Passion category can you offer to people which they need. Products / Services? Remember, we are not just talking about start and doing something you love, but it should go in sync with what people Need! Doing a feasibility analysis of what you can offer vs. what people need is a perfect way to zero down on an idea.

In my category of Passion – Fashion Accessories, the need that I identified was that people wanted high quality and affordable Bollywood Fashion jewellery and that is exactly Bling Bag started offering!

While you can offer many things, narrow down on a niche which you will operate in, based on your analysis of what people want!


Let’s be honest! We want to start a business, so that we can earn – right? And, become financially Independent to take care of our own and family’s needs! Once you find out what you can offer to people based on needs – ensure that people are ready to pay you for that. Offering something which People need is fine – but will they be paying enough for you to make profits? What value are you adding to them, to command that price which can make you profit ! ūüôā

For my fashion jewellery venture, Design and Quality is a differentiator and that is the value I give to my customers to command money and make Profits!

What you need to do to find your Business Idea – Sit down in a calm and quiet place with a notepad and paper, and think about these 4 pillars.

  1. Pillar of Passion – What Do You Like To Do?
  2. Pillar of Strength – What Are You Good At?
  3. Pillar of Need – What People Need? Can You Offer That?
  4. Pillar of Profits – Will People Pay You for what you Offer?

Most of us do not ask right questions to ourselves and hence the confusion!

I hope you found this post useful. If you want to learn which business you can start and know about Top 5 Business Ideas Woman can Easily Start in 2020, then join my free masterclass where I will be teaching exactly that : Click Here to Register for the masterclass.

Wish you good luck and hope to see you a Successful Woman Entrepreneur Soon!


Only 1 out of 5 Businesses in India today are owned by Women! That’s about 20% of all the entrepreneurs in India in 2020 are Women, and 80% are Men! And back in 2010, India had 14% Women Entrepreneurs. Now, that looks like some progress – but wait – is it good progress? 6% growth over a decade? Thanks to the Government Schemes and Initiatives to encourage Women Entrepreneurs, but my question is – Is This Growth Enough? Sadly, India is one of the poorest country when it comes to fostering Women Entrepreneurship!

According to a recent study by Bain & Co. and Google, if more and more Women take up entrepreneurship and India makes more Women Entrepreneurs, then we can create 170 million jobs by the year 2030! Yes, imagine these many job, when there are so many jobs around lost by middle class people, due to this ongoing pandemic!

Image Source : Times Of India, 8th March, 2020

So, my question is – Why are the numbers so low when it comes to Women Entrepreneurs? When I ask this question to Women – the guess they make is – Women Fail In Business More and hence the numbers are low! Do you really think so? Research says that the success rate of Women Entrepreneurs is higher than Men Entrepreneurs. So, what’s the reason?

The unfortunate fact is that “Women Do Not Launch Their Business” and take up entrepreneurship as their career. The biggest reason is that their FEAR OF FAILURE! Now, you may argue that even an aspiring male entrepreneur has this fear that he might fail. Absolutely, the fear is common! However, this fear arises due to the specific thoughts and barriers one has which makes her take a back seat and not move forward.

Based on my experience and my conversation with over 500 Women who want to launch their business soon, I have realised that there are some common barriers which most Women have which makes their Fear of Failure strong! These barriers are very specific and unique to Women!

If Women identify their specific barriers and learns to overcome them, then there is no stopping as I always believe that “Every Woman Is A Born Entrepreneur”. All she needs is guidance and clarity and she can do wonders!

If you are an aspiring Woman Entrepreneur with a strong desire to launch a business, but stuck and not able to take action forward, then I invite you to my masterclass where I am going to break down 4 Most Common Barriers every Woman faces when she takes a step towards launching her business. Register here and I will see you live in the masterclass!

Remember, India needs more Women Entrepreneurs and it is our responsibility to stand for our potential and create a more Gender Equal World and create job opportunities in India!

Hey, This is Harvi!

Hi, I am Harvi, a Women Entrepreneur Coach and founder of digital jewellery brand Bling Bag and Digital Divapreneur Mastery Hub. I am here to help Women turn their passion into an Digital Business  and live a more happy, fulfilling and a financially independent life. 

After spending 10 years in Corporate IT Consulting, I discovered my passion for Jewellery and decided to launch Bling Bag in the 8th month of my pregnancy. That is ONE BEST DECISION of my life. It helped me Work from Home with Flexible Work Schedules and remain Financially Independent. I live a more confident, fulfilling and a happy life balancing my time with family and growing my business ventures. 

Over my 6 years of being an Entrepreneur, I have faced challenges which are very specific to a Woman Entrepreneur and I have found my hard ways out to navigate through those and come out stronger! I decided to help fellow Women Entrepreneurs with exact frameworks, blueprints, strategies, mindset and habits I have learnt while organically taking Bling Bag to where it is today. With absolutely no knowledge on how start a business and no one to guide, I had my own Failures which I call as GOLDEN LEARNINGS. I am here to share all those learnings without holding anything back to help others fastrack their journey. 

My mission is to help Women unlock their Passion for a Product Category and convert it into a Profitable Digital Business which can help them achieve Financial Freedom and build their own Identity and become more Confident.

If you are looking at starting your own business, then join my FREE live masterclass and take the next step towards your life of financial freedom!

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